PomidorCart - The Ultimate PIN Delivery Solution

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Introducing New PomidorCart

Introducing PomidorCart the PIN Delivery Solution

Why do we love PomidorCart?

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Joomla Component & VirtueMart PIN Delivery Extension. A Joomla component that works in relation with VirtueMart. 

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A PIN Delivery System that just Works and is well Supported.

PomidorCart offers a unique PIN delivery solution that was designed for ease of use. This software allows you to deliver 'any' product, where a PIN can be applied, to customers via EMAIL or SMS. With our worldwide SMS coverage, the world is your playground! A multi-billion industry and now with the help of PomidorCart and our team of experts, your PIN business is destined for success.

The amazing diversity of PomidorCart enables prepaid PINs to be used by numerous sectors including:

PomidorCart offers users the added advantage of being available as a module that can be installed on other shopping carts. We currently support the following shopping carts:


Latest Announcements

SMS fit for Kings!

Worldwide SMS delivery fit for kings! With white-branding control panel and suites of applications from bulk SMS to desktop SMS Messenger.

  • Telephone Verification via SMS
  • PIN Delivery via SMS
  • Marketing via SMS
  • SMS Alert and more.


PomidorCart Anti  Fraud Partner

PomidorCart Anti   Fraud Partner

PomidorCart has partnered with MaxMind and TeleSign to offer you effective fraud protection solutions that you ever need. [MORE]

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